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Camden New Jersey's Journal

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1st March 2010

supercarrot12:11pm: collingswood coupon swap group
hi. i made a coupon swap group on facebook.

feel free to join if you have a facebook account. if not, i'm sure we can work around that.


8th December 2009

evilbalddago7:03pm: Episode #009 - Pagan Pride Day
In this episode, we show our pride by revisiting South Jersey Pagan Pride Day, which occurred back on October 11th, 2009. We learn that pagan pride has nothing to do with joining a biker gang. We speak with Henry Buchy, a Feri Initiate and Teacher. We learn about Gerald Gardner in A Corner in the Occult. We speak with South Jersey Pagan Pride secretary Janet Mays. We read listener letters. And to close I sit back down with Amie Tolomeo who we spoke with in episode seven.

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25th March 2009

juicecasting12:52pm: Seeking actors for independent film


I thought some of you might be interested in this opportunity, or be interested in passing it along to friends.

We are a low budget independent feature film currently casting lead, supporting, and background parts. The film is about high school students who get involved in recreational steroid use. We are interested in working with young adults who can bring their own personalities and natural energy to the part, so formal training or experience are not necessary.

Below you may find a description of the project, and the roles we are casting. There are also a number of small speaking parts, so any interested parties who don't fit one of the lead character descriptions are encouraged to email us anyhow. The lead and supporting actors will be paid (rate to be determined). We are directing students to send their submissions to juicecasting@gmail.com.


Description of Project:
We are a low budget Indy feature about
suburban high school kids who get involved in recreational steroid

Break Down of Characters

Jack: 18 years old high school student. Typical kid that goes with the
flow. Questions what he knows he shouldn’t do, but gives in a lot to
the pressure of his peers. Must be in shape

Alex: 17 years old. Jack’s Girlfriend. Has a relaxed personality that
matches Jack’s, but is able to think for herself. Attractive
appearance and intelligent.

Scott: 18 years old. Has a sarcastic sense of humor, but overall is a
good friend. Hangs with the boys, but serves more as the voice of
reason a lot of the time. Not in the best shape physically, more like
a huggable teddy bear.

Bobby: 18 years old. Epitome of the word blunt. Radiates the sex
crazed high school kid completely controlled by his hormones. He is
loyal to friends but more because he is a follower. Looking for
someone that is a little heavier but not in bad shape.

Benny K: 18 years old. Is the guy that everyone is friends with. Has
all the hook ups and swears no allegiances to anyone. Must be in good

Degrago: 18 years old. Muscle bound meat head, that only cares about
drinking, hooking up,fighting, and working out. Must be in tremendous

McBain: 18 years old. The right hand man to Degrago. Completely out of
his mind and ready to jump into anything that Degrago gets him
involved in. Must be in great shape

Justin: Good friend of Alex. Quiet but good looking. Finds himself
constantly on the bad side of Jack because of his friendship with Alex.

Nakeem: Mini mart worker in mid 40’s. Is able to relate to the kids on
their terms. (Small part-Unpaid)

Restaurant Owner: Mid 30’s, Unwilling to deal with crap from
teenagers. (Small Part-Unpaid)

Project Type: Independent Feature Film
Project Name: Juice
Director: Ben Teplitzky
Salary: SAG Ultra Low
Project Shoot Date: Summer 2009 (exact dates TBA)
Location: New York, NY

We request that those interested email juicecasting@gmail.com with the following information:
1) A brief description of their acting experience or reason for interest in the project
2) The part they are interested in
3) A recent picture
4) Their availability during July and August of 2009
5) Please also note if you would be interested in being an extra for the film. There are multiple small speaking roles that will be assigned to extras. (Extras will not be paid but will receive credit and copy of film).

15th February 2009

evilbalddago7:44pm: Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser at Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191 F&AM
Sunday February 22, 2009 4:00-7:00pm

Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191
511 Station Avenue (just south of Rt. 30/White Horse Pike)
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

We will be having a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser to help raise money for the Lodge's Building Fund.

The evening will be comprised of an hour of appetizers from 4:00 - 5:00pm
Followed by an all you can eat Pasta Dinner from 5:00 - 7:00pm

This is a family affair!
Bring your family and friends out to this awesome event!
We always have a good time!

Home made Sauces by the ladies of Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge!
Garlic Bread
2 types of pasta

With reservations Adults- $10 and Kids-$5
Without reservations Adults- $12 and Kids-$6
To-Go Plates (Large portion of Pasta, 2 meatballs, 1 sausage) $8 each

Walk-ins welcome!
Pay at the door!

Reservations can be made by contacting

Bro. Christopher M. Orapello, SMC

This is sure to be a good time full of Food, Fun, and Fellowship!

Hope to see you all there!

Bro. Christopher M. Orapello
Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191 F&AM
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30th November 2008

evilbalddago7:12pm: "Apophenia and Pareidolia" a new article on the Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research website
We are very pleased to announce that an article discussing apophenia and pareidolia has finally been posted on our website. These two issues pertain to perceptual interpretation and its role in paranormal investigation. Often most forms of paranormal phenomena are explained by skeptics as occurrences of apophenia and/or pareidolia. Read this new article by Christopher Orapello and find out why this can't always be the case!

Apophenia and Pariedolia


Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research

13th August 2008

evilbalddago10:51pm: New EVPs on Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research Website!
There are two new recordings of anomalous voices found on the EVPs page of our website.

Anomalous voices, meaning voices which appeared on a recording from an unknown origin and were not heard at the time of the recording, but were found upon playback. Also referred to as Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.

Now available for listening at Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research in the EVPs section of our website.

27th March 2008

evilbalddago6:10pm: Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research on the Haunted New Jersey Podcast!
Chris Orapello and Tara Maguire of Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research had the pleasure of being live guests on Haunted New Jersey Podcast #55. Haunted New Jersey a well-known and respected New Jersey podcast on hauntings and the paranormal. Now available for download in the Media section of our website or available at their Libsyn site along with a large archive of their shows. Please visit their website for other shows and information on their great podcast!

1st February 2008

evilbalddago6:33pm: Chess Club forming in South Jersey
Chess anyone?

Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191 of F&AM is beginning a community chess club for masons and non-masons of all ages to get together, talk and play chess. People of any skill level are welcome to join and attend. Even if you are not local, but are interested, join our list if you like as some of our members are on Chess.com and play regularly. The idea is that the club would provide instruction, camaraderie and good conversation. Chess is such a time honored tradition, it is only fitting that a masonic lodge should have such a club.

All club gatherings and events will take place in the downstairs area of:
Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191
511 Station Avenue
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

If you are interested in this club and would like to be kept in the direct loop of communication regarding its developments, please visit the following link and join the email list created especially for this club.

Thank you all in advance!
I think this club is going to be a wonderful addition to our local community.


~Bro. Christopher Orapello
Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191 of F&AM
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14th August 2006

supercarrot4:41pm: hospitals?
hi all. i'm changing doctors, and i'm just wondering if it's better to get a doc that would send me to our lady of lourdes, kennedy memorial, university medical center, virtua memorial in burlington, virtua west jersey in camden, marlton or vorhees?

our lady of lourdes seems like it'd be the most convenient, cause of the PATCO stop right there, but i'm not religious. in fact i get pretty darn uncomfortable wherever religion is involved.

another possible bump would be their accomodations to special diets. i'm vegan, and i get pretty sick if i ingest hidden animal products, and they just might not know that what they're serving might not be vegan. :-/

so yeah, if you have any input even if it doesn't answer my special diet question, please let me know. all information is good information.

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6th June 2006

vileness11:32pm: Tweeter Center
Question for those of you who have been to the Tweeter Center: I was wondering how many of you have been in the pit and what was the view from there to the stage like? I bought tickets in section 102/Row W and wanted to know if it's actually worth it getting the pit tickets instead.

Thanks in advance.

9th May 2006

123_love2:51am: tweeter center question
how is the overall saftey of walking to and from parking after concerts at night? i've heard camden isn't the safest place to be, but i'm planning on seeing a concert there

thanks for any feedback

11th August 2005

mysticlime12:18am: BSB in Camden, NJ
I have 2 lawn tickets to the Backstreet Boys/Click Five show at the Tweeter Center in Camden NJ on Saturday the 13th (this Saturday). The cost for both tickets plus overnight shipping costs is only $37. That's less than retail price. Catch me on AIM at OrangeSky75 or drop me an e-mail at akc134@psu.edu or even leave a comment here and I'll give you the information if you want them.

27th June 2005

center9:50pm: Sad News:Marlon Solar

Marlon Solar, died tragically on Saturday of a sudden heart attack. He was 31 years old.

Marlon, who was sometimes known as "Marlonius Thunque," lived in West Philadelphia and also had roots in South Jersey. In both places he was an engaged member of the community. In addition to his role as caretaker of the Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Zone, he was the creator and initial facilitator of South Jersey Freecycle, did odd jobs for many residents,and worked for the Neighborhood Bike Works, an organization dedicated to encouraging youth to bike and empowering them with skills to fix their own bikes.

His hobbies included his motorcycles (which he repaired himself), photography, sewing and needlepoint, and audio production. He was the producer for the popular Reverend Bookburn webcast show, and did his own shows -- on Radio Volta called the Doktor Sunup Show, and at Burlington County College called "Get the funk out of bed."

Services will be held on Wednesday, June 29th from 6pm-8pm at the Stephenson-Brown Funeral Home at 33 West Maple Avenue, Merchantville, NJ 08109 (telephone # 856-662-0813). A gathering will follow at the home of Amy Brado & Anthony Sambucci at 2744 Haddonfield Rd., Pennsauken, NJ 08110 (telephone # 856-662-7526). Marlon's mother and sisters would greatly appreciate donations toward the funeral costs, which can be sent to Amy Brado, 2744 Haddonfield Rd., Pennsauken, NJ 08110.

Additionally, on Sunday, July 10, Rev. Bookburn will host a tribute to Marlon Solar on The Reverend Is In (on Radio Volta), 9 to 11 Eastern time.

Memorial Blog: http://marlonsolar.blogspot.com/

29th December 2004

carolynxcore1:10am: a way to help the victims in the south asia area
on the very front page of amazon.com, you'll find this message:

All of us at Amazon.com are deeply saddened by the loss of lives resulting from the South Asia earthquake and tsunamis on December 26. We are offering customers the ability to make donations directly to the American Red Cross to aid the evacuation of survivors and the dispersal of first aid. One hundred percent of your donation will go to the American Red Cross. You will receive a confirmation email that may be used as a receipt. Thank you in advance for making any donation to help in this time of great need.

you can donate as little as $5, which is what i did. but i refreshed the donate page over the course of mintues, and look at this:

(12:59:50 AM)
Total Collected:
# of Payments:

(1:03:47 AM)
Total Collected:
# of Payments:

(1:05:45 AM)
Total Collected:
# of Payments:

(1:08:17 AM)
Total Collected:
# of Payments:

every $5 makes a difference.

(x-posted like crazy)

17th October 2004

blindmelonbee12:18am: bush is coming to new jersey. he claims it's now a swing state. he says he can win it. because he's a liar. so the democratic state committee is organizing a rally at the marlton recreation and convention hall on monday, october 18th at 11:30 am to 1pm. 1001 all are invited to attend but we're asking people to wear blue to give him a visual. new jersey...people...blue...like at mcdonald's where the cash register has the picture of a cheeseburger. it's going to be balls to the walls fun. tell anyone who will listen.

Join Democrats From Across The State To Show George Bush That New Jersey Is A Blue State!
Come dressed in blue and ready to support John Kerry
Monday, October 18th
The Blue Barn
Evesham Recreation Center
1001 tuckerton rd
easily accessible off of 295 or 73 or 70.

if you don't agree with my opinions. stop reading and walk away. please don't inundate me with crap about how i hurt your feelings. it's not about you. it's about this world and this country. thanks.

14th October 2004

center3:39am: does anybody want to take over this group?

I initially thought I was going to be moving into camden (city) but the house got pulled out from under me.

I may wind up moving into camden (county) or at very least spending a heck of a lot more time over there as my dad is not doing well, but not to the effect that I really feel a need to maintain this group.

The only things I ask is that this group NOT become a place to post either 1) promotions of other lj communities, or 2) promotions of events happening outside of the camden (county) area -- this means NO promotions of Philadelphia events.

I think I've done a fairly good job with INTERESTS..

4th October 2004

banannamanbam12:11pm: hey, Im Ian, 16, and lived in camden my whole life... I live in fairview if anyone knows where that, and right new mt ephram ave. its pretty gay... but eh what are you gonna do.

24th August 2004

center2:16am: welcome, welcome..

welcome those of you who are now trickling in. :)

Willing to take suggestions for the community... such as interests...
I think we have probably the best list of interests I have seen on any jersey community to date... but I want to make it better.. any input is appreciated on things that are typical camden county/city stuff..

I personally don't really know much about camden.. I've lived in ne_philly most of my life, but I'm probably going to be moving into Camden soon.. which is why I created this community.

Would like any user submitted locally oriented graphics for icons.. as well as any suggestions on what design/appearance I should choose.
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